Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Turning 40 is shit.

Over the last few months i have been talking to people about what it is to turn 40, but no one really wants to do this; are they in denial?  The number 40 is a human creation after all and means nothing in terms who we are or what we should be.  Being alive for 35-45 years does.  Over this time period the body degenerates fast, recovers slowly and finds it difficult to adjust to both physical and mental exercises.  Often to regress the symptoms we take up a sport or even an academic hobby, but this is in vain.  As with most of our regrets, we probably should have started to address them earlier, this could of helped us with our aches now.  That also depends on genetics, upbringing and circumstances.

This is just about embracing change, something i love to do but have noticed that few are willingly to accept.  People can be resistant to change and try to grow old disgracefully, it fools no-one, least of all ourselves.

Still, could be worse you could be much balder, greyer, miserable, moaning, depressed, more tired and nearly 50!