Friday, 17 February 2012

Taryn Simon photographs secret sites

David Griffin on how photography connects us

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Frans Lanting's lyrical nature photos

Nick Veasey: Exposing the invisible

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

TED Ideas worth spreading

TED Technology, Entertainment, Design is a website devoted to letting us know about Ideas Worth Spreading.

Look at the site and borrow some ideas for your own inspirations.

I have attached a link to Erik Johansson talking about his photography and his post production.

Dave Hill

Hiding The Map
Dave Hill
Photographer and digital artist Dave Hill was brought to my attention last year by one of my A level students.

This is exceptionally good work, the post production is not just at a high level but creative.  These images are works of art, they cross over from photography to become an image in its own right.  The photo realistic style is beautifully post produced to give this lovely 1950s painted feel.

Finish Line Spring
Dave Hill

The Rescue
Dave Hill

Jordy Smith for O'Neill
Dave Hill

Dave Hill

Erik Johansson - Digital Artist

Fishy Island
Erick Johansson
I have just been sent a link to this digital artist Erik Johansson and i really like this work.  The image construction and composition work really well and there is a sense of humour proliferating his work.   His personal work is much better and i suppose here he can explore ideas further and be more  risky, in comparisons to the nervousness of marketing people.  The work is of a high standard and play on many aspects of photography and art from Chema Madoz and Dali.
Pulling a Road
Erick Johansson
Road Workers' Coffee Break
Erick Johansson

Chema Madoz

Chema Madoz's photography was introduced to me by Matthieu Espleyfrom Albi, France. The images are very simple in construction but clever in their conception.

Spanish photographer, born in 1958 as Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz and known for surrealist black and white photographs. The images are astutely humorous in a similar vein to a René Magritte painting or an Elliot Erwitt photograph.

Most of these image produce a wry smile on my face when I view them. They fit well with my own culture and thought processes, and no doubt I will take influence from them when taking my own photographs.

Chema Madoz

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fantastic Photographers Blog - Open Eye Photography

Simon Harsent
If you are looking for some ideas and inspiration, or just to view good photography do look at this blog from Open Eye Photography.

There are some fantastic images in here, so take some time and through the archive.

The 'Melt Portrait of an Iceberg' project by Simon Harsent is a fantastic study of icebergs near Newfoundland and Greenland.

These images do convey a sense of portraiture, as if Simon has given each iceberg an personality, they each have a different shape and texture due to their formation and eventually cleaving from their glaciers.   I suppose partly due to their dimensions and form there is an element of architectural photography here.  Not just any old building but favourite church or country house, or even a family home.
Jürgen Heckel Photography - Wald

Forrest images by Jürgen Heckel, they take me back twenty five years.  We used to sneak off into the woods and fields near by our council estate, with old tools and food borrowed from various sheds and houses to build camps, light fires and pretend we were living rough.  Early liberating escapism.

These images with their folkloric quality are inviting you in to amongst the trees and shadows, yet they still retain a sense of uncertainty.  That uncertainty, cloaked with an element of risk provided me with the motivation to venture into those woods near our estate as a 12 year old, accompanied by my 9 year old brother and comrades, carrying our hoard of leased utilitarian instruments, pickaxes, knives, hammers, nails, saws, string, glue, matches and mainly raw potatoes.   A starchy tuberous plant which takes hours to cook and is slightly unpleasant raw.