Sunday, 27 November 2011

Night Time Photography On Dunstable Downs

On Friday i went with Lee Ramsden to the Dunstable Downs to spend a couple of hours running around in the cold wind and almost complete darkness to produce some simple but beautiful colours from the nice sky.

The photographs were 30 seconds, ƒ2.8 and 200 ISO with a fluorescent white balance.  The images have a slight reference to the photographer Gregory Crewdson which then links to  the painter Edward Hopper.    These images have the heavy shadow of Hopper's painting combined with the empathic pastel colours.  The images are by no means any Hopper replicas but just something i noticed that the night sky produced a similarity in colour and contrast.

The visitor centre is lit with available light and three pops of flash, combined with car head lights at full beam 400m away.

As the clouds clear the sky changes colours and the dark blues and purples reveal them selves.  Lee was lit with a 580ex ii flash 3 times at 1/8 power at 14mm zoom, with the building lit twice.

The grass is lit with the led torch from an iPhone 4 which the bluish light produces a luminous effect on the grass and creates a natural vignette.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

La Société Du Spectacle

How relevant and how accurate is Debord's Society of the Spectacle now?  Are we still controlled by the mass media and propaganda?  Are we still influenced by commercialism or are we able to make our own choices, based on our own experiences?

Has the internet really helped us to be free and independent or are we more controlled and influenced than before?

One thing i have thought about the older i get, is does it really matter?  Am i happy or sad?  This surely this is the most important thing, my life and me.  I can only really influence and change myself.  Even if those influences have come from other sources does it really hurt to fit in and conform¿  Can we really fight against propaganda and the use of semiotics in our advertising, both governmental and commercial?

Ben Richardson

Ben Richardson
27th April 1977 - 9th November 2006

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Is Santa Naughty or Nice¿

Santa was acquired, by accident, but acquired no less.  He had a little journey five years ago and still exists today, slightly out of shape and light of some foil.  After a night of Absolute Vodka he instantly regretted the Suffolk December 2006 incident and forbade anyone to speak of it.

Everyone’s photographing the seaside, what’s the point anymore?

Alistair Peck, Dungeness
Fascinating article by Alistair Peck about taking photographs in your style for yourself.

Do you ever question why you take a photograph in a certain way, why you prefer a certain type of light or subject.

Are you bothered if someone suggests your images looks like another photographers, even thought you may never have heard of them?

Read the following link below.